If you are thinking about planning a family vacation to St. Louis, a major city in the Midwestern US state of Missouri, you really need to consider making a detailed trip itinerary. The reason for this is because you don’t want to sabotage the enjoyment of your vacation by having to waste time deciding which landmarks to visit and planning transport provisions. With a detailed, preplanned itinerary of events, you know what you will be doing each day and you can even save money by booking transport provisions to venues in advance.

One of the big tourist attractions in St. Louis that you are sure to want to visit the zoo. You might be surprised to learn that the venue does not charge visitors any fees for admission. This means you can experience a great family day out without having to empty your wallet. The latest data suggests that in excess of 3 million individuals visit the city’s zoo each year. Those stats are quite impressive and suggest that the venue is a great asset to the city’s tourism industry.

Perhaps one of the main factors influencing the zoo’s popularity is its long history. After all, it was first established in 1904. That means it has enjoyed over a century in operation. What’s more, the venue is a world leader in the animal research, wildlife conservation, animal management and public education fields. The site of the zoo spans a 90+ acre landscape across Forest Park.

There are currently over 18,700 animals calling the zoo home. That figure breaks downs into 603+ distinct species. Some of the main draws of the attractions are its numerous exhibits, dining areas, and shopping provisions. On just one visit to the site, you can learn more about the planet’s wildlife than you ever thought possible. Despite the fact the animals you will see are held in captivity, you’ll learn much how many different types of animals survive and interact in their natural habitat. You’ll also learn about the importance of conservation work.

If you find yourself particularly interested in the operations of St. Louis Zoo, you should consider visiting their official website. On the site, you can find out about becoming a member of the zoo as well as access information about voluntary position openings.

On a final note, you might like to know about some of the animals you can see at the Zoo. Well, they include snow leopards, tigers, African lions, grizzly bears, polar bears, Somali wild asses and emperor penguins.